Honey pralines


Honey pralines is a candy box containing 9 (3×3) sweetest chocolate pralines with Slovenian flower honey, which we enriched with lavender, ginger or pollen. An excellent honey indulgence, which makes also a perfect chocolate gift, 105 g

When luck tastes sweet, you’ll definitely find it in selected, handmade chocolate pralines – chocolate pralines with floral honey, where milk chocolate embraces honey ganache and honey core, will draw you a sweet smile.

Each of the nine exclusive honey pralines will continue to seduce you with premium milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content. Beneath it, you’ll discover a delicate honey ganache made from honey milk chocolate with cream, and a tempting layer of floral honey.

In addition to honey flavors, you will also be surprised by the natural aromas of lavender or ginger in honey chocolate pralines and the addition of pollen. You will recognize an individual chocolate praline by the sprinkling that adorns the honey chocolate experience – lavender flowers, a slice of ginger and pollen balls.

Because we are committed to the tradition of good, we make each honey praline by hand, with a lot of care and experience. Chocolate honey pralines are created hand in hand with nature, so we do not use artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. They are also gluten free as we made them entirely in our gluten free plant.

As a basis for chocolate creation, we use only top-quality chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, which are distinguished by proven cocoa origin and the highest European quality standards.

The advantage of the Lucifer chocolate honey bonboniere is also in the elegant and perfect packaging, which presents a sweet story with a beautiful design. You will be happy to take it in your hands or give it as a perfect chocolate gift to selected people – both your family members and friends. If they would like to present the rich honey tradition to their business partners, Lucifer’s honey chocolate gifts will surely impress them.

Chocolate pralines with honey, pollen, ginger and lavender also feel great in the company of buzzing chocolate friends – also choose delicious Honey Bees.





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