Salty candy box


This chocolate candy box contains 9 handmade and always fresh salty caramel pralines, 60 g.

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An admirer of chocolate and sea? Premium handmade pralines with salted caramel covered in creamy milky chocolate are a true indulgence for the taste buds.

This candy box is made of 9 pralines with 38% cocoa solids. They all contain our secret recipe caramel with a touch of finest fleur de sel seasalt crystals from Piran salt pans that are worldwide-known for its fine aromas.

Like the salt-pan workers make everything by hand we use the same tradition to cratf only the fines pralines and chocolate bars. We use only top-quality natural ingredients that provide that true flavor with no artificial colorants, aromas or preservatives.
As for quality being our top guideline we cooperate with only the finest european chocolate suppliers such as Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, which can deliver highest standards and certified cocoa origins. Every bit of our artisan production is also gluten-free.

Lovely packaging of the Salty candy box makes this treat also the perfect gift, with the artsy image of a salt-pan worker and guardian of tradition. A special candy box for special persons, for a lasting impression.


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