Honey bees


Bonboniere Honey bees contains 16 handmade chocolate pralines from milk chocolate with honey in the form of bees, which will surely brighten your day or cheer you up as the sweetest honey-chocolate gifts, 80 g.

When you want to stare at the vast meadows in your mind, you are joyfully taken there on its wings by a bonboniere, where the popular chocolate honey bees reign supreme.

In a special bonboniere, you are delighted by 16 delicious honey pralines in the shape of bees. We make them by hand, from the sweetest milk chocolate with honey with a 34% cocoa content, without artificial flavors and preservatives.

Chocolate with honey in an innovative form will enchant you with its exceptional taste, as enchanted by the expert commission, as Lucifer’s honey bees received the flattering award for the most innovative chocolate product at the Radol’ca Chocolate Festival 2016.

The secret of success lies in the long tradition of making chocolate delicacies, our unstoppable desire to discover new combinations of flavors and top ingredients. For honey bees, we use only top-quality chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as a basis. Carefully verified quality, verified cocoa origin and gluten-free certification ensure high standards of excellence and trust.

The honey bees will impress you with their wonderful packaging, which we have enriched with an illustration of the hive extension in the spirit of the honey story. With the bonboniere, you can also conjure up a honeymoon experience for your loved ones and friends, as many like to choose it for their chocolate gifts. You can also give a piece of the rich Slovenian tradition of beekeeping to your business partners with this delicious idea for business gifts. But they are also adored by children.

In the offer of delicious honey pralines, we have also added Chocolate Pralines with honey, pollen, ginger and lavender to the fairytale honey bees, which will seduce you with wonderful honey-floral flavors.


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