Classic 3×3


This candy box with nine divine, handmade fresh chocolate pralines of different flavors that will awaken all your sweet senses, 125 g

Classic M candy box – indulge in the fantasy of nine fine chocolate pralines, which always conjure up the sweetest moments of your life with small but sensual pleasures.

Caress your palates or surprise your loved ones with the amazing flavors of Lucifer’s chocolate pralines, which have convinced even the greatest connoisseurs and lovers of chocolate. For several years now, our chocolate pralines have been receiving the Best Praline Awards from the Radovljica Chocolate Festival. Your confidence and enthusiasm gives us the impetus to try new combinations of flavors over and over again and create heavenly chocolate fairy tales.

With the Classic 3×3 chocolate candy box, you will taste freshness and quality, as we make each praline by hand, with a lot of care and attention to detail, and only from top-quality ingredients, without preservatives.

Take a look at the wonderful world of pralines Cinnamon Heart, Hot Lucifer, White Caramel, Old Fashion, Pistachio Trio, Coffee Marzipan, Hazel Embrace, Mint Moon and Forest Fruits, which we have carefully collected in the Classic 3×3 bonbonniere. *

Chocolate praline Cinnamon heart indulge in a sophisticated cinnamon-flavored chocolate cream topped with delicious milk and creamy white chocolate.

Hot Lucifer chocolate praline will seduce you with a crispy orange jelly with chili and orange cream and a topping made from 60% premium dark chocolate.

Chocolate praline White caramel is a real experience of caramel, delicate hazelnut chocolate cream and crunchy, with a topping of creamy white chocolate, decorated with leaves of real gold.

Old Fashion chocolate praline for classic pampering with a delicious milk chocolate wrap, inside which pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and brittle milk chocolate are hidden.

Chocolate praline Trio pistachio will impress you with creamy milk chocolate, which envelops the wonderful aromas of pistachios, almonds, marzipan and honey.

Chocolate praline Coffee marzipan will pamper your palates with a sweet marzipan bar and a gentle coffee chocolate cream topped with noble dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content.

Chocolate praline Hazelnut hug will embrace you with a wonderful taste of hazelnut cream with whole hazelnuts in the middle, coated with creamy milk chocolate.

The Mint Moon chocolate praline will refresh you with a crispy marzipan bar and a gentle menthol cream topped with delicious milk chocolate.

Chocolate praline Forest Fruits will take you on a journey of pleasure with a gentle cream of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries and milk chocolate all around.

The base of each chocolate praline is made from premium Belgian chocolate from renowned suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade to provide you with verified cocoa origin and UTZ certification.

The chocolate bonboniera Classic 3×3 offers you more than pleasure, because of the elegant and finished packaging, it also attracts a lot of attention for your closest and business partners.

Want to tell your story or the story of a brand with a chocolate bonboniere? No problem, because when you buy larger quantities of chocolate bonbonier Classic 3×3 at an additional cost, we provide personalized packaging with your own print according to your wishes. You can also choose the desired flavors of pralines. The ideal combination for sweet business gifts.

* We always try to offer you only the best – freshly prepared delicious chocolate pralines, so each Lucifer bonboniera contains only a mixture of chocolate pralines of those flavors that are currently available.


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