LUX 5×5 candy box


Luxury candy box for unique chocolate pleasures contains 25 handmade, fresh, varied chocolate pralines that will convince even the most sophisticated gourmets, 360 g

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Lux 5×5 candy box – enchant your closest and business partners with an extremely elegant gift that hides a rich range of selected chocolate experiences, captured in 25 top-quality, hand-made fresh chocolate pralines Lucifer.

With our chocolate pralines we regularly win the Best Praline of the Radovljica Chocolate Festival awards. Your trust and enthusiasm gives us the motivation to rediscover sophisticated combinations of flavors over and over again and create new unforgettable chocolate experiences for you.

The Lux 5 × 5 chocolate candy box will impress you with 25 top-quality pralines of rich and varied flavors. Inside the fragile chocolate wrap, sensual, sweet aromas, light textures and sophisticated preservative-free flavors intertwine.

Each praline is made by hand from the best ingredients from around the world to ensure superior freshness, variety, quality and unforgettable taste.

Choco Luxury

Lux 5×5 candy box contains flavors of 25 carefully collected chocolate pralines: *

  • Chocolate praline Coconut heart will warm your heart with tempting coconut cream with finely crushed coconut and a top coat of premium dark chocolate with 60% cocoa.
  • Chocolate praline Marzipan cube will seduce you with a top-quality hazelnut chocolate cream – gianduja, poured over marzipan and covered with creamy milk chocolate.
  • Old Fashion chocolate praline for classic pampering with a delicious milk chocolate wrap, inside which pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and brittle milk chocolate are hidden.
  • Chocolate praline Polžek will reveal the sweet secrets of gentle butter cream and aromatic hazelnut cream under a wrap of delicious milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate praline Forest Fruits will take you on a journey of pleasure with a gentle cream of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cherries, and with milk chocolate all around.
  • Cognac Royal chocolate praline will reveal a new world of dark chocolate, as it hides ganache cream, with orange peel and cognac flavor, under the fragile chocolate coating.
  • Chocolate praline White caramel is a real experience of caramel, delicate hazelnut chocolate cream and crunchy, with a topping of creamy white chocolate, decorated with leaves of real gold.
  • Mocha chocolate praline will wake you up with a delicious chocolate filling made of coffee and hazelnuts, which we covered with top-quality milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate praline Trio pistachio will impress you with creamy milk chocolate, which envelops the wonderful aromas of pistachios, almonds, marzipan and honey.
  • Chocolate praline Hazelnut hug will embrace you with a wonderful taste of hazelnut cream with whole hazelnuts in the middle, coated with creamy milk chocolate.
  • Hot Lucifer chocolate praline will seduce you with a crispy orange jelly with chili and orange cream and a topping made from 60% premium dark chocolate.
  • Passion Caramel chocolate praline will captivate you with the passion of a delicious caramel core coated with top-quality dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content.
  • Diamant chocolate praline will bring you closer to the luxury of chocolate flavors with a perfect marzipan chocolate cream topped with delicious milk chocolate.
  • The Mint Moon chocolate praline will refresh you with a crispy marzipan bar and a gentle menthol cream topped with delicious milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate Praline Almond Surprise will surprise you with caramelized almonds with Maldon salt and a creamy milk chocolate wrap.
  • Chocolate praline Cinnamon heart indulge in a sophisticated cinnamon-flavored chocolate cream topped with delicious milk and creamy white chocolate.
  • Chocolate praline Coffee marzipan will pamper your palates with a sweet marzipan bar and a gentle coffee chocolate cream topped with noble dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content.
  • Chocolate praline Školjka will address your senses with a gentle coffee-caramel filling, coated with top-quality dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content.
  • Chocolate praline Champagne will take you to the pleasures of chocolate with creamy milk chocolate, sprinkled with sugar and pieces of real gold, which hides a delicious champagne cream inside.


Selected chocolate flavors are born only from selected ingredients, so we use only top-quality Belgian chocolate from renowned suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, which are our long-term partners. European standards of excellence guarantee verified cocoa origin and UTZ certification, so you can be sure you know what you are enjoying.

We also provide you with a wonderful gift packaging by choosing the Lux 5×5 chocolate candy box. Each Lux 5×5 candy box has a perfect design with a ribbon and a ceramic seal, which is sure to make a nice impression on the recipients – both loved ones and friends and business partners. When buying larger quantities of chocolate bonboniers, we also enable you to choose pralines according to your taste or your wishes, thus providing delicious business gifts.

* We always try to offer you only the best – freshly prepared delicious chocolate pralines, so each Lucifer candy box contains only a mixture of chocolate pralines of those flavors that are currently available.


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