Honey Bunny


Fine handmade and in Slovenia made chocolate bar from milk chocolate (38%), enriched with honey crisps, caramelized almonds and salt, in rich gift packaging, 100 g.

Take care of your honeymoon anytime, anywhere – milk chocolate with Honey Bunny honey will enchant you with a sweet-salty combination of unforgettable chocolate pleasure.

Honey Bunny honey chocolate chocolate pampers you with a wonderful milk chocolate base with a 38% cocoa content. We have spiced it up for you with exquisite honey crunchy, delicious caramelized almonds and salt crystals that will awaken your most romantic senses.

Feel the fullness of taste that comes from the best natural ingredients, free of artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. To top it all off, we make all Honey Bunny chocolate bars by hand, with the feeling and love of chocolate.

Because we know you value quality, we only use chocolate from renowned European suppliers such as Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as a base. Thus, we guarantee only the highest quality standards, verified cocoa origin and gluten-free production. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and are GLUTEN-FREE.

The superb combination of flavors also pampers you with elegant gift packaging that partially reveals the secret of the chocolate delight hidden in it. That is why the chocolate bar is also a beautiful chocolate gift with which you can delight your loved ones, friends and business partners.

May it also delight you and make your sweetest wishes come true.



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