Draw a sweet smile for your birthday – give a chocolate letter ALL THE BEST from creamy milk chocolate that will delight big and small sweet tooths.

Chocolate bar made of 38% milk chocolate, 100 g. Dark chocolate in the same wrapper is also available.

Are you looking for a cute birthday present to brighten up a sweet person’s personal holiday? You just found it, because the chocolate letter All the Best will fulfill all your sweet wishes, and at the same time endow you with beautiful, sincere wishes.

Chocolate letter All the best is an indispensable birthday gift that will surprise the desired person with a creamy taste of milk chocolate with 38% cocoa, a delicate texture and a sophisticated chocolate aroma.

The advantage of Lucifer chocolate letters is in the top ingredients and handmade, as we want to provide you with only the best chocolate products. The chocolate bar made of milk chocolate is made from natural ingredients, gluten-free, artificial additives and preservatives.

Because we swear by the best, we only work with top Belgian chocolate suppliers such as Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. European standards of excellence guarantee high quality, verified origin of cocoa and gluten-free production.

The chocolate bar made of milk chocolate is wrapped in a beautiful packaging that not only ensures the long-lasting quality of the chocolate, but also impresses with a wonderful push.


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