Salted dark chocolate


Dark chocolate with fleur de sel (seasalt crystals), 60g. Dark chocolate with ‘flower of sea’ salt is handmade from the finest natural ingredients.

When finest dark chocolate with sea salt melts in your mouth, taste buds will go mad after this  chocolate masterpiece. Sweet and savory with a touch of divine will instantly transport your memory to the seaside.

If you haven’t tasted the combination of dark chocolate and sea salt, then you simply must. It is a true indulgence, we promise. Premium sweet&savory character comes from the selected ingredients: finest belgian chocolate and highest quality natural sea crystals of fleur de sel (“flower of salt”) that are harvested traditionally by hand in the Piran salt pans.

At Lucifer chocolate we also make everything traditionally – handmade with care and love. You can see that from every precious chocolate bar that had been crafted to every detail to deliver only the best looks and tastes.

We trust Mother Nature and we do not interfere with any unnatural ingredients so you can enjoy every bite without artificial colors, aromas or preservatives.

They are also gluten free as we made them entirely in our gluten free plant.

On the packaging an artistic illustration represents a Piran salt-pan worker, a guardian of tradition and craftmanship excellence.

This gourmet salted chocolate in its lovely packaging is the perfect souvenir for the beloved – or to empress business partners.

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