Wish happiness to your loved ones with a delicious chocolate gift – choose a chocolate letter CATCH YOUR HAPPINESS from fine dark chocolate and conjure up the right moments of happiness with it.

Dark chocolate bar 60%, 100 g.


When was the last time you hunted for happiness, for yourself or for your loved ones? So that you don’t get too carried away, this time we caught it for you and domesticated it and wrapped it in top-quality dark chocolate, which has a funny title – the chocolate letter Catch your happiness.

Every piece of chocolate that you lightly throw in your mouth carries with it a little bit of luck that you will catch on your palates. You will enjoy the superior taste of dark chocolate with 60% cocoa content, without added artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. To top it all off, we make each chocolate letter Catch Your Happiness by hand, carefully and diligently.

We are also careful when choosing our business partners, so we use only top-quality Belgian chocolate from renowned European suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade for the chocolate base. In this way, we guarantee you high quality standards and a verified origin of cocoa. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and are GLUTEN-FREE.

In addition to top quality, you also have the guarantee of top-quality packaging, which not only preserves the freshness of the chocolate bar, but also makes you happy with a wonderful push and bow.


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