Fine sprinkled dark chocolate with dried fruit and nuts, which is hard to resist and enchants even as a great chocolate gift, 110 g

If you enjoy the flavors of delicious nuts and dried fruit, the right choice will be top-quality sprinkled dark chocolate with dried fruit and nuts, which will delight you with a rich sprinkle and pamper you with every piece.

The sprinkled dark chocolate bar will first entice you with excellent dark chocolate with 60% cocoa and then pamper you with a variety of flavors of brittle hazelnuts, delicious almonds, prestigious pistachios, divine raisins, candied slices of oranges and pieces of papaya and other delicious dried fruits.

Each Lucifer chocolate is handmade, with a feel and attention to detail. To meet your highest expectations, we do not add artificial colors or preservatives to chocolate bars. A wonderful and rich taste is created with a combination of selected natural ingredients and a top-quality chocolate base.

As a base for chocolate bars, we use only top-quality Belgian chocolate from renowned suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. Carefully verified quality, proven origin and gluten-free production ensure high standards of excellence and trust.

Sprinkled dark chocolate with nuts and dried fruit reveals its sweetness through the packaging, as it is designed and made so that you can enjoy the color and variety of flavors at a glance. Give it as the sweetest chocolate gift and it will be joyfully enjoyed by your loved ones, friends and business partners.


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