Black and white letter


Fine dark chocolate or creamy white chocolate? If you can’t decide between the chosen ones, try the fourth option and combine the chocolate pleasures into one chocolate bar of superior taste.

Chocolate bar made of white and dark chocolate, 100g

The Black & White chocolate letter is a handmade chocolate bar made from fresh and premium ingredients that make this chocolate truly special. The chocolate is made from fine dark chocolate and sweet, creamy white chocolate, which creates a stunning contrast to the taste as well as the look of the chocolate.

With such a combination, you will capture the whole world of chocolate imagination with one chocolate bar and delight both your palates and the palates of other lovers of chocolate sweets, who will surely be happy with such a chocolate gift.

Dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content will impress you with its pronounced chocolate flavor, while white chocolate with a 28% cocoa content will impress you with its milk aroma and creamy texture.

Indulge in the pleasures of nature, as the Black & White chocolate letter contains only natural ingredients, free of gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. Each chocolate bar is the fruit of many years of knowledge and experience and made by hand, with a lot of love for sophistication and detail.

The base of the chocolate bar is made from premium Belgian chocolate from renowned suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. The advantage of the selected suppliers is in the verified origin of cocoa, top European quality and guaranteed gluten-free production.

Lucifer chocolate bars will also enchant you with their elegant and sophisticated packaging, which you will gladly take in your hands or give to selected people. We are also happy to enrich the chocolate bar with your personal story or the story of your company, thus providing special chocolate gifts or sweet business gifts. When purchasing larger quantities of chocolate bars, we provide you with personalized packaging with a print according to your wishes at an additional cost.


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