The IT’s LOVELIER IN PAIR letter is more beautiful is the point of a wonderfully spent joint moment – but thanks for them.

Dark chocolate is sweeter for two! This chocolate letter brings the sweet promise of shared moments.

Dark chocolate bar 60%, 100 g.


When you want to tell your loved one that everything is more beautiful and sweeter in pair, you can do so with a chocolate letter IT’s LOVELIER IN PAIR. The chocolate pleasure can be even greater if you share it with someone. The moments spent together will be even sweeter when you share a seductive dark chocolate bar – in pair! The cover of the chocolate letter IT’s LOVELIER IN PAIR boasts a cute illustration of two cyclists enjoying nature – on a tandem bike for two, of course.

Quality is our guide, so we make each chocolate bar by hand and from carefully selected raw materials of verified origin. For this delicious chocolate bar, we used premium Belgian chocolate with a 60% cocoa content. Our Belgian suppliers of chocolate mass (Callebaut and Belcolade) guarantee high quality standards and verified origin of cocoa. We did not add artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives to the chocolate bar – to make the pleasure for the two even greater and without a guilty conscience. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and are GLUTEN-FREE.

The elegant packaging with a ribbon will delight every true chocolate lover, and the delicious and sophisticated dark will be even sweeter if you share it with your loved one. Chocolate letter IT’s LOVELIER IN PAIR is a wonderful and inspiring gift.


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