Give chocolate attention, give pleasant moments of sweetening with the chocolate letter CHOCOLATE FOR … and attribute to whom you give this careful, handmade creamy chocolate delight. The chocolate letter CHOCOLATE FOR … will delight every gifted person and sweeten any part of the day.

Chocolate bar made of 38% milk chocolate, 100 g.

When you want to make someone happy and give them a very special, sweet and unique gift, the chocolate letter CHOCOLATE FOR is the right choice. A colorful cover with space for writing the name of the gift recipient is a beautiful gift or attention that hides a delicious bar made of creamy milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content behind the ribbon. Joy guaranteed!

The moment when time stops and we dedicate ourselves to the pleasure of melting chocolate in our mouths is a beautiful gift. Treat yourself and your loved ones to such a moment. Attach a name and the gift will turn into a unique chocolate masterpiece created to make you happy.

A unique gift with a colorful illustrated cover protects a bar of creamy milk chocolate, which our Velenje chocolate masters made by hand and completely gluten-free, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives – only from the best Belgian chocolate with cocoa origin. We make all our chocolate masterpieces in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and they are GLUTEN FREE.

The CHOCOLATE FOR chocolate letter tastes great, and you can help co-create the cover yourself!


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