Mango Balls


Mango & passionfruit chocolate balls are a fruit of the third power – this is how we could describe the fruity sensation that takes over us when we bite into them. We caught the seductive aroma of mango in the balls, combined with the pleasant acidity of passion fruit. For even greater pleasure, we covered them with white chocolate with a note of lime, which harmoniously rounds off the sensation of flavors – a gourmet pleasure that conjures up summer even on a rainy day. 🌞

Dream balls are a seductive trendy dessert and the perfect gift for any chocoholic, 125 g.

Gourmet orange balls of white chocolate hide a super fruity core. Mango provides pleasant fruitiness and sweetness, while passion fruit provides freshness and balanced acidity. Together they are a harmonious combination, upgraded with a very special white chocolate with a hint of lime. Taste the fresh fruit sensation! You won’t be able to resist them once you try them – one is none, we say😋


is the fruit of summer and sun and it is this feeling that we wanted to create with this latest creation of our chocolate masters. The summer fruit core and the seductive orange image of dream balls coated with white lime chocolate are here to pamper all the senses. First we are attracted by the color – all juicy orange and glittering laughs at us. Then we smell the magic of chocolate with a touch of fruitiness. When we bite into the dream ball, we are delighted by the sound … followed by pampering the taste buds with the luxury of textures and flavors. And if we let our imagination run wild, we will still feel the warm sun and the summer breeze on our skin while we dream of lying under a palm tree with fresh mango juice in hand.

Unique aromas

and flavors complement and inspire, and as always, are free of preservatives or other artificial additives, so each ball is a real experience. The sweet white chocolate gently indulges in the mouth and reveals a seductive fruit core for maximum enjoyment. They are also very suitable as a beautiful attention, thank you or a casual gift, as we wrapped them in the most elegant glass packaging of delicious pearls of joy, which also proudly shows its beautiful content. Brighten up your day with top-quality dragees, evoke summer with these dream mango & passion fruit balls – for yourself or your loved ones!

At Lucifer’s Manufacturing Chocolate Factory, we only work with renowned partners from the world of chocolate. Thus, we use only top-quality white chocolate with a high proportion of cocoa parts from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade to coat each chocolate ball. Therefore, you can enjoy the highest standards of quality and proven origin of cocoa.

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