Honey Hazelnut Balls


We covered the exceptional handmade chocolate balls with hazelnuts with delicious honey chocolate, sprinkled them with gold powder and dressed them in elegant glass gift packaging – for small moments of pampering in a very special way, 125g.

Choose delicious, handmade chocolate balls with hazelnuts and honey chocolate and spin your sweet-skinned world in unforgettable flavors, where a fragile whole hazelnut full of vitamins, minerals and useful fats awaits you under honey milk chocolate.

Delicious chocolate balls will pamper you with creamy milk chocolate with a 34% cocoa content and a wonderful honey taste. Sprinkled with gold powder, they invited you to a pleasure that hides a nice surprise in the shape of a whole hazelnut inside.

Selected chocolate flavors are born from the hands of our skilled chocolate masters and from the best ingredients, without artificial additives and preservatives. For all Lucifer chocolates and chocolate products, we use only top-quality Belgian chocolate from renowned suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. In this way, we guarantee you the highest quality standards with verified cocoa origin and gluten-free production. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and are GLUTEN-FREE.

The superior taste of chocolate balls is complemented by elegant glass gift packaging, which you will gladly take in your hands or give as delicious chocolate gifts to your loved ones, friends and business partners.

Do you also think that chocolate balls are never enough? Maybe you prefer fruit flavors and ruby ​​chocolate or delicious chocolate balls with hazelnuts and coffee? Check out the full range of flavors hidden in Lucifer’s chocolate balls!



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