RUBY balls


Indulge in the delicious delights of juicy raspberries and cranberries coated with ruby chocolate – these beautiful pink chocolate balls will color your day in a rainbow with every bite. The fresh taste of berries and the characteristic aroma of ruby chocolate will seduce all lovers of fruit flavors, and in its elegant packaging it will also enchant as wonderful chocolate gifts for your loved ones or as sweet business gifts, 125 g.

Discover a completely new, unique gourmet delight – chocolate balls with ruby ​​chocolate, which will surprise you with a fresh berry flavor and a gentle pink color, and crumble in the center with delicious pieces of raspberries and cranberries.

Close your eyes and imagine the delicious fruit pieces that melt softly in your mouth, then think of the creamy, smooth, pink chocolate texture with the fresh berry flavor that surrounds these fruit pieces and conjures up the perfect palette of fruit-chocolate flavors. This is a new type of ruby ​​chocolate that will convince you with its unique aroma and color.

We did not add any dyes or fruit aromas to the ruby ​​chocolate, as the color and taste are derived from a special process of processing ruby ​​cocoa beans with natural pink pigment and berry aroma. We also took care of top quality by hand, without preservatives and other artificial additives.

To ensure the best, we only work with renowned partners from the world of chocolate. That is why we use only top-quality chocolate from the renowned Belgian supplier Barry Callebaut for the base of each ruby ​​chocolate ball. This way you can enjoy the highest quality standards and selected taste of cocoa of verified origin. We make all our chocolate masterpieces in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and they are GLUTEN FREE.

Chocolate balls with raspberries and cranberries wrapped in ruby ​​chocolate will enchant not only you but also others, so the elegant glass packaging is also a wonderful chocolate gift with which you can brighten and sweeten the day for your loved ones, friends or business partners.

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