Sprinkled chocolate bar made of creamy milk chocolate with dried fruit and nuts, which you will hardly resist, and will also enchant as an excellent chocolate gift, 110 g

Indulge in the fantasy of tropical and Mediterranean flavors – let the sprinkled milk chocolate seduce you, which will enrich your world of pleasures with a seemingly attractive sprinkle of selected nuts and dried fruit.

Sprinkled chocolate bar made of milk chocolate with nuts and dried fruit will impress you with delicious milk chocolate with 38% cocoa, in which we have captured the perfect combination of different nuts and dried fruit for your exotic desires.

So with each bite you can enjoy the taste of selected milk chocolate, brittle hazelnut kernels, delicious almonds, prestigious pistachios, candied pineapple or papaya, seductive slices of candied orange or juicy raisins and many other natural delicacies.

We will surprise you not only with a selected fantasy of flavors, but also with authenticity, as each sprinkled milk chocolate with dried fruit and nuts is made by hand, without artificial colors and flavors or preservatives.

Because you value excellence, we only use chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as the basis for chocolate bars. This ensures a verified origin of cocoa and traceable gluten-free production that meet high European quality standards.

In order to be able to enjoy the colors and patterns of the sprinkles at first sight, we did not hide the chocolate bar in a closed container, but made sure that you could peek into it with all your curiosity and joy of sweetening. With such a selection for chocolate gifts, you will surely delight your closest ones, friends or business partners.


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