Strudel flavoured chocolate


Excellent Slovenian milk chocolate with the taste of apple strudel Štrudelj with its delicious aroma will evoke pleasant childhood memories of your favorite dessert from home cooking, and with its culinary tradition also convince you as an ideal choice for business gifts that will surely impress you, 110 g

Do the smell and taste of apple pie evoke fond childhood memories? Relive them in a modern version, which is brought by Slovenian chocolate from the Sweets of Slovenia collection – top-quality sprinkled milk chocolate Štrudelj.

This time, instead of the drawn dough, you will be taken to the world of nostalgia by top-quality milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content, sprinkled with candied apple slices and enchanted with a magical taste of cinnamon and the natural aroma of vanilla.

Slovenian chocolate Štrudelj will pamper you with a nostalgic taste that comes from natural ingredients. We do not use artificial colors and flavors or preservatives in the production of chocolate bars and all other Lucifer chocolates, and we swear by hand.

Our commitment to quality is also based on cooperation with renowned European suppliers of chocolate, so we use only the chocolate of the Belgian partners Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as the basis of each Štrudelj chocolate bar. In this way, we guarantee you a proven origin of cocoa, top quality and completely gluten-free production.

Do you want to share Slovenian culinary specialties with friends and business partners? Choose original chocolate gifts with tradition, which also work great as business gifts – sprinkled milk chocolate Štrudelj or sprinkled milk chocolate Orehova potica. Gift recipients will be happy with them, so don’t be surprised if they run out in an instant.


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