Dark chocolate bar, 100 g, with 60% cocoa content. Ljubljana TROMOSTOVJE (Three Bridges) wrapping.

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The top-quality hand-made chocolate letter Ljubljana Tromostovje in nice packaging will convince both connoisseurs of Ljubljana who are enthusiastic about Ljubljana and business partners who would like to present Slovenian sights in a closer and original way.

Chocolate letter Ljubljana Tromostovje is equipped with a delicious chocolate bar made of dark chocolate, and we also added a short description of the history of the city of Ljubljana to the cover:

Ljubljana is the capital, political, administrative, economic and cultural, educational and any other center of the Republic of Slovenia. The city has about 262,000 inhabitants. The oldest traces of settlement in this area are preserved testimonies of pile-dwelling settlements and later settlements of Emona from the times of the Roman Empire. Medieval Ljubljana began to develop under the castle hill along the river Ljubljanica. The city played an important transport and trade role between Central Europe and the Mediterranean. The confrontations between the north and the south also left rich traces in the testimonies of the Baroque and Art Nouveau periods.

If more bridges means more experiences, we have gathered all the chocolate beauty into a single selected bar of dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content. Because we want to offer you only authentic flavors from nature, we do not use artificial colors and artificial flavors or preservatives in the production of chocolate bars.

Each piece comes from the hands of our skilled craftsmen and is made from a premium chocolate base, which we obtain from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. High European quality standards are a guarantee of fair trade and verified origin of cocoa. We make all our chocolate masterpieces in our own gluten-free plant in Velenje and they are GLUTEN FREE.

With top quality, you also get a top look. By choosing the Ljubljana Tromostovje chocolate bar, we provide you with a wonderful gift packaging with a ribbon that will make a nice impression on your loved ones, friends and business partners.

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