WALNUT granola


WALNUT granola coated with stevia chocolate is a delicious, crunchy and healthy chocolate bar made of muesli and wallnuts, which will pleasantly nourish you as a healthy snack.

We named it ‘Moja mal’ca’, because it is really a convenient size for a pocket, purse, backpack … and an ideal companion for all your activities.

Our guarantee: 100% natural ingredients, WITHOUT any unnecessary additives (sugar, gluten, preservatives, fillers or flavorings). Only first-class oatmeal, nuts, seeds, honey and a dark chocolate wrap with stevia.

A bar of crispy muesli and walnuts, coated with stevia chocolate, 45 g.


Do you ever run out of time for a delicious snack? Sinfully good and healthy chocolate WALNUT granola with a mixture of delicious flakes and brittle nuts coated with fine dark chocolate will quickly satisfy your hunger.

We covered it with fine dark chocolate without added sugar (the coating is sweetened only with stevia, a natural calorie-free sweetener). The core of oatmeal, delicious honey and walnuts is sweetened only with natural sweeteners such as honey, dates and coconut sugar. Therefore, it is an excellent source of dietary fiber and will nourish you for a good time – during work, on the road or during various activities

It is also a proud member of our new gluten-free brand LuciFIT, which includes carefully selected high quality products for special diets.

Our chocolate masters are real magicians, as they make each granola by hand, with a lot of love and care. To enjoy the natural flavors, they do not add artificial colors and flavors or preservatives when creating.

Treat yourself to a nutritious and tasty snack, which will also fill your stomach … and palates!

Would you rather be a little exotic? Granola Moja mal’ca is also available in COCONUT flavor!


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