Olive oil flavoured chocolate


Dark chocolate with olive oil and salt flower is a unique chocolate combination that will captivate you with its sophisticated sweet-bitter aroma, 100 g

Do you enjoy creative sweet-bitter chocolate flavors? Then dark chocolate with salt and olive oil from the Sweets of Slovenia collection is the perfect choice for your senses.

Sprinkled dark chocolate with salt flower and olive oil will first touch you with the distinctive, divine taste of dark chocolate with a 60% cocoa content, and then instantly surprise you with a salty taste with a hint of olive oil. It’s the perfect combination of every piece of this exquisite chocolate.

Along with the gourmet delights offered by this unique combination of dark chocolate, olive oil and salt flower, you will also recognize the quality provided by the selected combination of natural ingredients, without added artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.

You will be impressed not only by the selected natural aroma, but also the authenticity of the production, as each dark chocolate with salt and olive oil as well as all other Lucifer chocolates are made by hand, because we appreciate tradition and knowledge.

We make Lucifer chocolates only from the chocolate base of renowned and verified Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. Their products are distinguished by proven cocoa origin, high European quality standards and gluten-free production.

We have also taken care of elegant packaging with a beautiful print, with which you will be happy to give Olive Oil and Salt Flower chocolate as original chocolate gifts to your loved ones and friends, or give it as selected business gifts to your business partners.

Do you prefer to enjoy small sweet-salty bites? Choose Chocolate thins made of dark and white chocolate with salt flower or Chocolate pralines with salt and caramel.


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