Milk chocolate bar, 100 g, with 38% cocoa content. Ljubljana FROM AIR wrapping.

Choose the chocolate letter Ljubljana from air and enjoy the delicious milk chocolate with a beautiful view of the capital of Slovenia. Top-quality hand-made Slovenian chocolate in a nice packaging will enchant both lovers of sweet and beautiful and business partners who would like to present Ljubljana in a closer and original way.

Chocolate letter Ljubljana from the air inside reveals a chocolate bar made of top quality milk chocolate, and it is also adorned with a short description of the history of Ljubljana:

Ljubljana is the capital, political, administrative, economic and cultural, educational and any other center of the Republic of Slovenia. The city has about 262,000 inhabitants. The oldest traces of settlement in this area are preserved testimonies of pile-dwelling settlements and later settlements of Emona from the times of the Roman Empire. Medieval Ljubljana began to develop under the castle hill along the river Ljubljanica. The city played an important transport and trade role between Central Europe and the Mediterranean. The confrontations between the north and the south also left rich traces in the testimonies of the Baroque and Art Nouveau periods.

The view will stop not only at the photo of the landmark, but also at the delicious chocolate bar made of milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content. The Ljubljana chocolate bar is made by hand, with skill, knowledge and a sense of pleasure. No unnecessary artificial additives and preservatives, as we believe that the best flavors are born in the fantasy of nature.

That is why we use the best chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as a base. In this way, we always provide you with a proven origin of cocoa and high European quality standards. We make all our chocolate masterpieces in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and they are GLUTEN FREE.

We also provide you with a wonderful gift package by choosing a chocolate bar from the Sweets of Slovenia collection. Each tablet has an elegant wrap with a ribbon, which makes a nice impression on the gift recipients – both loved ones and friends and business partners.

You smell more like dark chocolate, but would you still like to admire the images of Ljubljana? We also wrapped the delicious dark chocolate in its image and the Chocolate Letter Ljubljana Tromostovje was created.

Are you also interested in the rest of the offer of chocolate letters and other chocolate products with images of our beautiful country? Take a look at the Sweets of Slovenia collection.


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