Honey flavoured chocolate


Sprinkled honey milk chocolate with a sprinkle of pollen will take you to the vast flowering meadows with a unique taste in mind, where the sweetest chocolate fairy tale, 100 g, is born.

Let the taste of honey chocolate delicacies take you to the vast flowering meadows and sweeten your day with the most beautiful flavors of nature – get to know the charms of honey milk chocolate with honey and pollen from the Sweets of Slovenia collection.

Chocolate with honey and pollen Medena will seduce you with a wonderful milk chocolate base with a 34% cocoa content and a seductive honey taste. We sprinkled it for you with tiny, brittle and aromatic pollen balls.

Because we want to offer you only the best from our chocolate shop, we make all Lucifer chocolates, including every chocolate bar with honey, by hand, with a lot of attention and love. We do not use artificial colors and flavors or preservatives for your perfect chocolate experience, but only the best chocolate base obtained from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade – because we swear by high quality standards, traceable gluten-free production and top quality.

Share honey chocolate delicacies from the Sweetness of Slovenia collection with your friends, who will surely happily smear such delicious chocolate gifts. As well, business partners will be thrilled with the chocolate-honey flavor of your choice for business gifts. Sprinkled milk honey chocolates will be especially pleasing to those who appreciate tradition and authenticity due to their beautiful packaging and selected flavors.


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