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As you walk through the famous streets of Piran and along the coast, sweeten your fond memories with top-quality Piran milk chocolate from the unique Sweetness of Slovenia collection.

Milk chocolate bar 60%, 100 g.

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Top-quality hand-made Slovenian chocolate Chocolate letter Piran in nice packaging will convince both enthusiastic sweet tooths over the Slovenian coast and business partners who would like to present the famous Piran more closely and in an original way.

Milk chocolate is wrapped like a chocolate letter with the image of the city of Piran and a brief description of its characteristics:

Piran is a special, precious place. It is the best preserved city cultural monument of Slovenian Istria and the closest neighbor of fashionable Portorož. His image is recognizable all over the world. To see and experience the architecture of the city, which was strongly influenced by the Venetian Republic in particular, which also significantly marked other Istrian cities. Over time, Piran has preserved the medieval design of narrow streets, tightly packed houses that rise up the stairs, contact with the sea, countless squares and ten churches. Tartini Square, which proudly adorns the center of the city center, is named after the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who took the name of Piran to the world.

The advantage of Sladkosti Slovenije chocolate bars is not only in the unique story, but also in the top ingredients and handmade, as we want to provide you with only the best chocolate products. The chocolate bar is made from milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content, from completely natural ingredients, without artificial additives and preservatives.

The basis for chocolate bars is obtained from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. The advantage of the selected suppliers is in the verified origin of cocoa, gluten-free production and top European quality.

Chocolate letter Piran is more than a pleasure, because of the beautiful packaging and the story is a wonderful attention for loved ones, friends and business partners.

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