THANK YOU to the educators


Thank your favorite educator with chocolate! THANK YOU to the educators is a chocolate package for pedagogues and a unique thank you to all pedagogical workers for their exceptional work in a very special school year, which we will surely remember.

We have combined top quality goodies into the THANK YOU package:

  • blueberries covered with white blueberry chocolate,
  • ruby chocolate bar,
  • dark vegan stevia chocolate hand sprinkled with cranberries and a
  • free of charge cute thank you card to which you can write your name and date.

Exceptional masterpieces of Lucifer chocolate at a great price.

A package of four chocolate products with a total weight of 263 g.

THANK YOU to the educators is a package of chocolate for educators and a wonderful thank you to all the caring teachers and educators. An excellent chocolate thank you for past work with children will surely delight every heartfelt pedagogical worker. All the chocolate masterpieces in the package are made by hand, carefully and with love.

Handmade praline box is full of seductive colors and flavors, chocolate-covered blueberries are full of summer freshness. We added a sin-free stevia cranberry chocolate bar to the package for the sweetest healthy dessert, and to top it all off, we included a beautiful natural pink chocolate bar made of ruby chocolate. Thank you for being you, which will soften the heart of every heartfelt pedagogue.

We made all the chocolate masterpieces in our Velenje chocolate shop from top quality ingredients, by hand and carefully, without gluten, unnecessary additives, preservatives or artificial colors and aromas. Only the best ingredients for maximum enjoyment!

If you wish, we will deliver this thank you chocolate package with a greeting card free of charge to your chosen pedagogue at the address of the school or kindergarten with our Lucifer chocolate ‘sweet mail’.


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