Mojca Pokrajculja Coloring Book


Conjure up wide children’s smiles with the perfect gift for children – a chocolate bar made of premium milk chocolate (38%), which is more than just chocolate, as it hides Mojca Pokrajculj’s coloring book inside, which children can color and then fold into a real booklet. of course rewarded with a piece of delicious chocolate, 100 g

Mojca Pokrajculja coloring book – delight the youngest with an innovative chocolate experience – a nice chocolate coloring book that, in addition to top-quality milk chocolate, impresses with a fairy tale by Mojca Pokrajculj. Children will smear and paint it with the greatest enthusiasm.

Mojca Pokrajculj’s chocolate coloring book is no ordinary chocolate bar, because in addition to excellent sweetening, you also open up the world of fairy-tale imagination to your child. All 3 in 1 chocolate bars also contain a story that the child can color himself. You can easily put Mojca Pokrajculj’s coloring book into a real booklet and read it to your child for good night.

To make children’s dreams really sweet, top-quality milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content is ensured, which, with the youngest in mind, is made only from natural ingredients, without gluten, artificial colors and flavors or preservatives.

We use only chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as a base to provide you and your children with the highest European quality standards, verified cocoa origin and gluten-free production. Which is also important – the two companies operate according to the principles of fair trade.

Choose the perfect chocolate gift for children and conjure up enthusiastic smiles for the youngest in an original fairytale way.

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