Honey chocolate


Fine honey chocolate with real honey in creamy Belgian milk chocolate – for your sweetest moments of the day. The beautiful packaging is decorated with bees. 60 g handmade plate in gift packaging.

Are you in for a honey dream? Nothing easier – travel to the sweet land of milky honey delights offered by HONEY chocolate. Let the worries buzz far away.

Honey chocolate offers you a unique honey experience captured in a delicious milk chocolate with a 34.3% cocoa content. Every piece of chocolate will gently melt into a tempting honey essence in your mouth.

Quality as a guide

We did not add any artificial colors or preservatives to the honey chocolate creation, as a wonderful and creamy taste is created with a combination of selected natural ingredients and a top-quality chocolate base. It is gluten-free.

As a basis for all Lucifer chocolates, we use only chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, with whom we have been successfully cooperating for many years. Carefully verified quality and verified origin of raw materials (led by cocoa) ensure high standards of excellence and trust.

We guarantee you excellence not only with natural ingredients, but also with the method of production – in our gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje. Each honey chocolate is the result of the handiwork and skills of our chocolate masters with many years of knowledge and experience in the world of chocolate.

Great gift

Share your chocolate pleasure with your loved ones and friends. When looking for a small surprise to gift your chosen person, express your affection with a delicious chocolate gift – honey chocolate in a beautiful gift box with bees.

Are you also a big fan of honey delicacies? Choose other honey chocolates – HONEY BUNNY milk chocolate with honey, almonds and salt or Milk chocolate with honey and pollen from the Sweets of Slovenia collection. Or maybe Lucifer’s dream balls – Hazelnuts, coated with honey chocolate?


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