Emperor, package for #supermen


Since every empress has her own emperor, at your request, dear empresses, we have also created a package for the best men – for all the empresses of these really special times. Because every man is exceptional. And the emperor.
His efforts must be noticed, appreciated, praised … and rewarded. Many times there is already sincere praise.
Thanks even more with a great package of CHOCOLATE and fine wine. We present you a top selection of delicacies for the superpowers of your favorite superman: Car, a package of chocolate and wine for #supermen – limited edition. For all the time winners!

Twice as damn, twice as exceptional: the combined masterpieces of Lucifer chocolate and the award-winning Chilean cellar Casillero del Diablo. Available in an exclusive, limited edition at an exceptional price, for your exceptional man. And for all the other emperors of this world.

A package of four gluten-free chocolate products with a total weight of 342 g and 0.75 l wine.

Emperor, the package for #supermen is our tribute to all the winners of life. Do you know any emperor? Reward, pamper and pamper him … and treat him to our exceptional package of chocolate delicacies with exclusive wine. This pampering of chocolate and wine will surely impress him.
All chocolates are made by hand, carefully and lovingly to make your favorite emperor happy; elegant and sophisticated red wine is from the selected Reserva Privada collection.

In the super Car package, we have combined masterpieces of top quality: protein chocolate, a healthy snack, dream balls, chocolate with chili and an exclusive Chilean wine from the renowned Casillero del Diablo cellar. All this for a great package price in a limited edition, only available for a short time.

Contents of the great Car package

Flavors that delight and reward supermen:

Great post-workout dessert or motivation? Protein chocolate turns out in both cases. The LuciFIT milk chocolate bar boasts a high protein content (whey).
We also added seductive hazelnuts to the package, which we covered with coffee-flavored milk chocolate.
Gluten-free LuciFIT granola Moja mal’ca Kokos will be perfect for breakfast, snack or “fit” dessert. It contains only the best flakes, seeds, nuts and coconut, and we covered it with dark chocolate with stevia (granola is sweetened only with Slovenian honey, coconut sugar and date paste).
For a pinch of passion, we also included a hot chocolate bar Red Hot Chili Peppers with chili and cocoa beans, which reminds the emperor that he is ‘hot’.
The Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from the Reserva Privada collection of the Casillero del Diablo cellar, with its sophisticated notes, is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate or a pleasant evening.

We made all the chocolate masterpieces in our Velenje Lucifer chocolate factory from top quality ingredients, by hand and carefully, without unnecessary additives, preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.
Cabernet Sauvignon wine is the result of many years of careful work by the best Chilean winemakers, the ‘devilish’ Casillero del Diablo cellar. Chileans include specially selected grapes from the best Chilean terroirs in the exclusive line of the Super Premium segment, called Reserva Privada (not on sale in Slovenia) and the winner of several world wine awards.

Car, a package of chocolate and wine for #supermen is a damn good gift.
2x damn, 2x top notch! No less than what #superman & #car deserves.

If you wish, we will deliver this exceptional package of chocolate and wine to your chosen superman at the desired address with our Lucifer chocolate ‘sweet mail’ – you can also add it by hand for your personal dedication (for a symbolic surcharge of € 1.3, add to baskets).

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