Take a look at Lucifer’s fairytale world, where the sweetest chocolate lollipops are created – chocolate hearts, animals, naughty and funny characters, as well as a piglet for good luck.

Chocolate lollipops with different motives, 20g.
ATTENTION: the motives cannot be chosen, but you can let us know your wishes (eg we want animal lollipops).

We will surprise you on the stick with the sweetest chocolate moments! When looking for something playful and tempting, choose delicious Lucifer chocolate lollipops that will enchant both big and small. Cuddle the baby inside you or cheer up your little ones with cute chocolate images.

Chocolate lollipops slowly melt in your mouth like the softest bubble of chocolate drops. Don’t gnaw them, as this is the only way to taste the perfect aroma of Lucifer chocolate made from creamy milk chocolate with a 38% cocoa content.

You can choose from a variety of cute seasonal motifs – chocolate hearts and flowers, which are the ideal chocolate gift for Valentine’s Day, from animal figures such as a butterfly, a hippopotamus, a monkey, a lion and an elephant to naughty and funny characters. Fortunately, we have also added a chocolate piglet to the set for you.

Each chocolate lollipop is made by hand, with attention to detail and perfect design. To really enjoy the natural flavors, we do not add artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to the chocolate lollipops. We use only selected gluten-free chocolate from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade as a base to ensure you proven quality and origin.

Chocolate lollipops are a great treat, a beautiful chocolate gift, a delicious prize or a small attention with which you can brighten up the day for both children and adult sweet tooths who love chocolate.

Each chocolate lollipop is elegantly wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a silk ribbon.

ATTENTION: it is not possible to choose motives, but you can let us know your wishes in the order notes (eg we want animal lollipops).


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