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Milk chocolate cigars, cognac chocolate truffles and Meukow (5cl) cognac will convince even the most demanding connoisseurs of premium flavors – this is the perfect combination for original gifts for men or for prestigious business gifts that will surely make a special impression on the recipients, 105 g

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A perfect present for special persons

You will surely enchant true connoisseurs of top-notch pleasures with an original chocolate gift. Choose chocolate cigars from premium milk chocolate in a stunning combination with brittle truffles with cognac filling and a bottle of genuine Meukow cognac.

Have you run out of gift ideas and are looking for something different? Especially when it comes to finding interesting gifts for men or prestigious business gifts? Chocolate cigars made from first-class milk chocolate combined with cognac-flavored chocolate truffles and accompanied by real Meukow cognac are an excellent chocolate gift for all occasions. It will impress both the content and the exterior.

We make each chocolate cigar by hand, as we want you to give selected people only the best from the Lucifer chocolate factory. Creamy milk chocolate goes great with brittle chocolate truffles (105 g) filled with a gentle alcoholic cream made from premium cognac. For your special wishes, we have also enriched the noble combination of natural flavors with a bottle of selected Meukow cognac (50 ml).

Premium quality

To make your chocolate gift a truly unique surprise for loved ones, friends or business partners, we have designed elegant and prestigious packaging, which is also adorned with a ceramic seal of the Lucifer brand – a guarantee of quality and excellence.

We provide you with the seal of quality with a proven origin of cocoa and traceable gluten-free production. The basis for the chocolate creations comes from renowned Belgian suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, which operate in accordance with high European quality standards. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in our own gluten-free plant in Velenje and are GLUTEN FREE.

Warning: The product contains alcohol and is not suitable for children.


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