LuciFIT stevia dark chocolate is gluten-free and contains a high proportion of cocoa and dietary fiber.
The award-winning, full-fledged, 100% natural, excellent chocolate bar is handmade in Slovenia.

A chocotastic dessert that you can indulge in without a guilty conscience!

Chocolate bar made of 86% dark stevia chocolate, 72 g.

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Chocolate without added sugar? LuciFIT stevia dark chocolate contains only naturally occurring sugars. Our chocolate masters only added stevia and erythritol to it.

LuciFIT STEVIA dark chocolate also boasts a high content of dietary fiber, a high proportion of first-class cocoa and a gluten-free ‘gluten-free’ certificate. In addition, it is free of preservatives, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers. Try this seductive chocolate dessert… without a guilty conscience!

Great Taste Award 2021
The recipient of the GTA star, STEVIA dark chocolate, convinced the jury not only with its composition and texture, but also with its rounded taste.
They wrote as follows:
The beautifully shiny tablet breaks off loudly (a recognizable sign of quality), melts in your mouth a little longer, but is worth the wait. Impressive depth of taste without bitterness or. with a very nicely balanced fruity-bitter-sweet taste, with no aftertaste of sweetener. Really thoughtful! ”
Cocoa parts: at least 86% in chocolate.

Dark stevia chocolate, table 72 g

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