LuciFIT stevia CRANBERRY is a dark 40g chocolate bar with a high cocoa content, without added sugar and with the addition of cranberries. Cranberries are sweetened with pineapple juice.
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Introducing the new completely plant-free sinless chocolate bar: LuciFIT stevia CRANBERRY is a dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, high dietary fiber, no added sugar, gluten-free and no preservatives or other excess substances. We only added cranberries sweetened with pineapple juice to it.

100% vegetable, 100% vegan

LuciFIT stevia CRANBERRY is a completely vegetable dark chocolate with a vegan certificate, which ensures the absence of ingredients of animal origin.

The LuciFIT collection carefully selects handmade chocolate masterpieces of special nutritional value - so we added only natural sweeteners and no refined sugar to this little tablet. It boasts an excellent fruity taste and a fine dark chocolate base.


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