LuciFIT PROTEIN milk chocolate


It enchants with its creamy taste and nourishes with protein – a great dessert for all active people!

LuciFIT protein milk chocolate is a handmade, all-natural whole chocolate bar without excess additives and gluten-free. This innovative product is an ideal dessert or ‘reward’ after a hard workout that you eat without a guilty conscience!

Chocolate bar made of 48% milk protein chocolate, 72 g.

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LuciFIT protein chocolate is a real innovation. Add a little more protein to your diet – in a delicious way!

LuciFIT PROTEIN milk chocolate has an excellent, harmoniously rounded taste and boasts a high protein content (28.4%). In addition, it is gluten-free, preservative-free and free of artificial flavors or flavor enhancers. Try this creamy chocolate dessert and feed your muscles … and palates!

Cocoa parts: at least 48% in chocolate.

Protein chocolate – milk, bar 72 g


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