LuciFIT LESS SUGAR with peanuts


LuciFIT LESS SUGAR with peanuts and salt is a gluten-free milk 40g chocolate bar with a high content of dietary fiber, reduced sugar addition * and with the addition of peanuts and a pinch of salt.
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The new 'fit' chocolate bar LuciFIT LESS SUGAR is a milk chocolate with a greatly reduced sugar content * (by 40%), with the addition of chicory inulin (dietary fiber - prebiotic), peanuts and salt. It is gluten free.

100% LuciFIT

LuciFIT LESS SUGAR will impress you with its creamy milk chocolate structure, just the right amount of sweetness (despite the reduced sugar content *), crunchy peanuts and a tiny pinch of salt. Why do we think salt is right for her? Try this 'fit' tablet and see for yourself what a seductive chocolate treat we created this time in our LuciFIT gourmet laboratory.

All 'lucifitki' boast specialties: they are carefully selected ingredients, hand-made and have the right nutritional value. This member of the LuciFIT collection is also suitable as a snack after sports, for an energy snack or as a reward after a great workout. It boasts excellent taste, creamy chocolate, less sugar *, a high content of dietary fiber and an added dose of protein provided by peanuts.

* compared to regular milk chocolates.


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