Valentine’s candy box


VALENTINE’S candy box is the perfect chocolate gift for her and him. It combines the flavors of sunny coconut, forest fruits and delicious hazelnuts. In three colors of chocolate and with three favorite flavors (3×3) in a cute box with a bird motif.


LOVE IS IN THE AIR … say it with our chocolate hearts. Limited edition.

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VALENTINE’S candy box is the best from the careful hands of our chocolate masters. We poured the finest Belgian chocolate into seductive heart models and filled it with coconut, forest fruits and hazelnut cream.

Love is in the air, birds are chirping. Say that with chocolate … and choco hearts.


Chocolate gifts are a traditional Valentine’s choice you can’t go wrong with – especially when it comes to handmade chocolate hearts filled with sophisticated creams. Lucifers did our best to make your hearts melt with these masterpieces.

Three flavors in three heart colors, with three flavors and three more each – sounds great doesn’t it? To top it all off, we wrapped 9 chocolate pralines of Valentine’s bomboniere in a special love-colored wrapper with an artsy timeless heart illustration.


On a special occasion, there is also a special price so that you can give gifts to everyone who is especially close to your heart. But beware, our chocolate hearts are highly sought after and go fast (limited edition only until the Valentine’s candy boxes are sold out).

9 chocolate pralines in three flavors, coconut heart, hazelnut cream and forest fruits. (3×3), a total of 95 g.


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