White chocolate letter


In the realm of chocolate flavors, top-quality white chocolate with a 28% cocoa content also occupies its place, which will seduce you with its delicate sweet aroma and unique taste.

White chocolate bar, 100 g.

White chocolate is a real specialty among chocolates, so treat yourself to it with special pleasure. Choose a white chocolate letter and experience a creamy milky texture and a wonderful aroma that will reveal a new world of chocolate fantasies.

We pay special attention to each white chocolate bar, as we make them by hand, with a sense of aesthetics and pleasure. This way, you will not only enjoy the superior taste, but also the awareness that you will be able to afford gluten-free sweeteners, artificial additives and preservatives.

Shall we reveal to you the secret of excellence? Like you, we respect top quality. The white chocolate letter is made from a chocolate base that comes from the renowned Belgian chocolate suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade. In this way, we provide you with European quality standards, verified cocoa origin and traceable gluten-free production with every bite.

We also provide you with a wonderful gift packaging by choosing the Lucifer chocolate bar. Each tablet has an elegant wrap with a ribbon, which is sure to make a nice impression on the gift recipients – both loved ones and friends and business partners.

Want to say something more with a chocolate letter? Share your story with your closest and business partners. When purchasing larger quantities of chocolate bars, we provide you with a personalized packaging of the chocolate bar at an additional cost – you can design the design and message according to your wishes and thus give the most personal and sincere gift.


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