Think pink


Treat yourself to the pink surprise of nature! In combination with delicious pistachios, Ruby chocolate will gently caress your palates with its characteristic fresh aroma, and with its rich gift packaging, it will also seduce you as an original chocolate gift, 100 g

Ruby chocolate is a new, fourth type of chocolate. Mother Nature will surprise you this time with a completely new, fresh berry flavor and a gentle pink color. For an additional surprise and contrast in taste, we enriched the Think Pink chocolate bar made of ruby ​​chocolate with delicious pieces of pistachios, which further emphasize its incredible aroma.

Do you already know a new type of ruby ​​chocolate? Try it, it will not disappoint you. Ruby chocolate caresses with its smooth creamy texture and wonderful natural berry aroma. Fans of crispy moments will come to your account with pieces of delicious pistachios.

We did not add any additional colors or fruit aromas to the Think Pink chocolate, as the color and distinctive taste are born with a special process of processing ruby ​​cocoa beans with natural pink pigment and berry aroma. Also, Lucifer chocolates do not contain preservatives or other artificial additives.

Because we know that you appreciate selectness, we pay special attention to each chocolate bar, so we make them by hand and carefully. With the Think Pink chocolate bar, you will not only enjoy the top combination of berry and pistachio aromas, but also the elegant packaging. Without hesitation, you will give chocolate bars as beautiful chocolate gifts to your family members and friends or surprise your business partners in an innovative way.

We also use only top-quality ruby ​​chocolate from the renowned supplier Barry Callebaut as a basis for Think Pink chocolate bars. Carefully verified quality, verified cocoa origin and gluten-free certification ensure high standards of excellence and trust. All our chocolate masterpieces are made in a gluten-free chocolate shop in Velenje and are GLUTEN-FREE.

Indulge your curiosity and taste the amazing world of ruby ​​chocolate delights!


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