Ruby THANK YOU letter


After dark, milk and white chocolate, there is a fourth type of chocolate, Ruby. The natural pink color is the biggest innovation in the world of chocolate in the past 80 and more years. It surprises not only with its color, but also with its taste – without dyes or aromas, it reminds us of berries and enchants us with its delicate creamy taste.

Chocolate bar made of 48.8% ruby chocolate, 100 g.

We made the chocolate letter ‘THANK YOU for being you’ from fine natural pink ruby chocolate, which will enchant you with its message, color and taste. A beautiful cover with a strong message is a great gift that could also make some eyes water.

We chose the Belgian supplier and inventor of ruby chocolate Barry Callebaut as an excellent base. High European quality standards, continuous development and proven origin of cocoa are a guarantee for a top chocolate experience.

The chocolate letter ‘THANK YOU for being you’ surprises not only with the exceptional taste and color of the chocolate bar, but also with the wonderful packaging, which will be a special pleasure for the recipient.


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