Fine handmade and in Slovenia made chocolate bar from dark chocolate (70%), sprinkled with chia seeds and goji berries, in rich gift packaging, 100 g

For a great feeling and great pleasure, treat yourself to a delicious combination of flavors that will enchant you with BodyGuard dark chocolate, where excellent dark chocolate is complemented by exotic goji berries and chia seeds. It will not only sweeten your soul but also strengthen your body.

The chocolate bar made of dark chocolate with goji berries and chia seeds BODYGURD will conjure up a great smile with excellent dark chocolate with as much as 70% cocoa and a selected sprinkle of delicious exotic goji berries and chia seeds. Goji berries are known for their antioxidant content, and chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which our body needs on a daily basis for optimal functioning.

Indulge in the pleasures of nature, as BodyGuard chocolate bars contain only natural ingredients, without artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. Each chocolate bar is the fruit of many years of knowledge and experience and made by hand, with a lot of love for sophistication and detail.

We pay special attention to the chocolate base, as we want to provide you with the best flavors. That is why we only work with renowned European partners, such as the Belgian chocolate suppliers Barry Callebaut and Belcolade, who supply us with a chocolate base with a verified origin. We make all our chocolate masterpieces in our own gluten-free plant in Velenje and they are GLUTEN FREE.

You will not only enjoy the superior taste, but also the perfect design. Each BodyGuard dark chocolate is wrapped in an elegant packaging that reveals a piece of chocolate and invites you to enjoy at first sight.

Treat yourself to a piece of health in a delicious chocolate embrace and brighten up the day for yourself, your loved ones and business partners – BodyGuard chocolate bars are also great as a healthy chocolate gift.



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